February Update

Here’s a (not particularly flattering) photo of Marcus and me in a cold and rainy Richmond Park, which is really the only place I’ve been in the past couple of months.

Well, February’s almost over, we’re still in lockdown, and I have been exceptionally boring this past month, so I really have nothing of interest to blog about (and my brain is feeling too blah to come up with anything creative), but I thought I should throw up a quick post just so you don’t think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth! I’ve been pretty busy with work (from home still) – I’m finishing up with getting the rest of our NLHF project research online and we’re hosting a day-long conference over Zoom next month, so I imagine I will spend most of March trying to work out the logistics of 16 different speakers from all over the world who haven’t all used Zoom before joining the webinar and delivering their presentations as seamlessly as possible (fun times…). Other than that, I’ve mainly just been watching TV, reading, and baking a lot, and Marcus has taken up knitting (he’s really good at it!) so I’m the proud owner of a lot of new handmade knitwear, including a sweater, a pair of Bernie mittens, and a beret (ugh, sorry this reads like an exceptionally boring Christmas letter). I doubt I’ll have anything much more exciting to talk about in March, but I’m hoping to take a couple of weeks off right before Easter, so maybe I will have the inclination to do more writing then since travel will still be off the cards at that point (not that I’m desperate to hop on a plane or stay in a hotel any time soon (I miss exploring new places, but I really really DON’T miss flying or staying in hotels. Just thinking about that strange bedding of questionable cleanliness and those times you’d find a clump of someone else’s hair in the shower drain makes me gag a little), but it would at least be nice to do a day trip to another part of England or something). Stay safe, and see you in March!


    1. It is boring, but I’m kind of OK with that. I’m far more anxious about this restriction free world that is apparently going to materialise in June. Unless they really speed up the vaccination schedule, there’s no way people in my age group will have had both jabs by then, not to mention that my misanthropic self is not relishing the prospect of big social gatherings again.

  1. Glad you are still doing well, even if life is a tad on the boring side. We’re feeling optimistic here. Got our first Moderna shots last week. Our small community seems to have done a good job overall. I think spring looks pretty promising!

    1. Glad you were able to get your first vaccination! Marcus is in a priority group, so he got his first jab last week (he was given Pfizer), but I’ve got no idea when I’ll be invited for mine. Hopefully before museums reopen n May, since I’ll have to go back to working in the office then!

  2. I really like this photo of you two – you look lovely!
    Man, I feel you with the blahs. Too often the days themselves can feel like chores. But baking and knitting are great ideas. Did Marcus take up knitting in recent years, or is something he’s done for ages? (This is me not so subtly looking for inspiration.)

    1. Thanks! Marcus only started knitting in November, and his first project was Frog and Toad dolls for me, followed by an elaborate replica of an Ancient Egyptian sweater that is briefly shown in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (from a 1940s pattern). He just taught himself from Youtube videos, so clearly it can be done, but he’s pretty artistic anyway. I don’t think there’s any way I would have the patience or talent to make the stuff he’s made!

      1. Just November! Holy Moses, that’s incredible. Sadly, I suspect I haven’t what it takes – too slap-dash with intricate things – but I may give it a shot. Also been drawn to the idea of needlepoint lately. Here’s hoping I surprise myself and find something that sticks (though I already have my doubts, ha.)

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