Vienna: The Wurstelprater

There are few things I love more than a creepy European amusement park, and Wurstelprater, or simply Prater as it’s more commonly known (though there are no shortages of sausages inside the park, which is how I’m going to assume it got its name), is no exception. This is one of the few places we came on our last visit to Vienna, and remembering how many creepy clowns there were, I definitely wanted to come back. The park is free to enter (you only pay if you want to actually ride anything), and though we didn’t do much other than wander around and eat some cotton candy and ice cream, I wanted to do a (admittedly half-assed) picture post to share some of the creepiness with you. Enjoy!

This whole block of toilets was creepy clown themed.

Why does this man have a coin coming out of his butt? Can anyone explain this to me?

Possibly the scariest clown here, and there was some stiff competition.

Not as scary as the clowns.

We did not go in there.

I can’t decide if the hot dog or the clown bin is weirder.

I loved this gorilla. He delivered a whole speech in German, but I’ve no idea what he was saying.

I don’t remember this looking quite so unsettling in person, but yikes!

My German isn’t great, but I’m choosing to translate this as “Shit Hall”.

Don’t think I’ll be boarding that train.

There’s even a mural in the Prater U Bahn station featuring creepy bench clown!


  1. I think I might pass on that! You did a good job posing though, I particularly like the one with the green monster. My German is slightly better than yours, in that I know shit is Scheiss! What you’ve got there is Schiess = shoot. Shooting gallery?

  2. If the I and the E were reversed, your translation would be correct. But as it is written in the photo, it means “shooting hall”.

  3. 🤣🤣🤣 This does have creepy written all over it. I’ve heard of shitting gold bricks, but not coins. Something must have gotten lost in translation! Either would be painful, but maybe worth it for the reward?

    1. I’d rather shit coins than bricks. At least they’re smaller! I was picturing the coin being shoved in rather than coming out, like his butt crack was a coin slot or something, but your interpretation could be right.

  4. Fun! Live the photos. I don’t think we have places like this in the states. Here you get the food and the rides, but not the atmosphere.

    1. There might still a few old fashioned amusement parks floating around in the US. We used to go to Conneaut Lake quite a bit when I was a kid, mainly because it was more like a European style park in that you didn’t have to pay to get in, only to ride rides, so it was cheap and grandparent-friendly, unlike Geauga Lake or Cedar Point. Don’t know if it’s still like that, but I loved it as a kid. Loads of old-school rides, though maybe not quite the creepy clown vibes of a European park!

  5. Aw, it’s wonderful that the park’s free outside of the rides. I’d be there all the time! Walking around looking for fun things to eat and looking at kitschy stuff is pretty much all I wanna do at amusement parks anyway.
    Sweet Jesus, the clowns though … At first I figured this was one of those pockets of the world where clowns are still symbolic of innocence and fun but, no, they’ve really embraced the creepiness. And that hot dog squirting himself with ketchup is super disconcerting. The fact that his legs come out the side of his bun-trench coat makes the end of his wiener seem really, well, wiener-y.
    That said though, I loved every bit of this, your great photos and hilarious captions – such a fun post!

    1. I do like a laff-in-the-dark ride, but I’m mostly all about the food and kitsch too. Unless they have an old-fashioned arcade! I love skeeball and whack-a-mole, though my favourite is Feed Big Bertha, which I haven’t seen in years, probably because it could be construed as fatphobic these days. It’s so fun though! They did have a fortune telling machine here, and I bought a cotton candy in cash just so I could get change to buy a German fortune card. I don’t think it was very memorable – it was sadly nothing to do with clowns or wieners.

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