London: Superbloom @ the Tower of London

Superbloom: come for the slide, stay for the flowers. I don’t think that’s actually their tagline, but it should be! The Tower of London seems to like to decorate its (dry) moat for various occasions, like the famous poppies a few years back to mark the centenary of WWI, and this year, it’s planted the moat with real flowers to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I care very little about the Queen, but I do like slides, which, as you may have guessed, is what sold me on this. Yes, there is an actual super happy fun slide that anyone who goes to Superbloom can have a go on, and that is why I agreed to pay £10 to see this. I suppose flowers are nice too, but all I could think was, “slide, slide, slide”. It’s sad that as adults we don’t get many chances to go on slides, so I take advantage where I can!

I am happy to report that the slide did not disappoint (it was very fast indeed and actually made me feel a little sick, but in a good way, like a roller coaster), and indeed, neither did the flowers. Though at first glance I was admittedly a little underwhelmed by what appeared to be mainly wildflowers (I guess I was expecting something a bit more groomed, like the Keukenhof), there’s just so many of them and they wrap pretty much all the way around the Tower, with different areas set up with different types of flowers, a soundscape, and even some sculptures. It runs until September, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you don’t mind a slightly touristy day in London – and if you live in London, you’ll probably already have seen the Tower at some point, so you can just buy the cheapo Superbloom only tickets like we did and skip seeing inside the Tower altogether (nothing against it, it’s just expensive). But in case you won’t find yourself in London before then, here’s some photos so you can get a feeling of the experience. And sorry for the short post after disappearing for a bit – just haven’t massively felt like blogging lately between some shit going on at work with my contract (I may or may not be leaving in August, tbd in the next couple of weeks), unusually bad seasonal allergies that have left me feeling pretty run down (not Covid, I’ve been testing), and, you know, the general terrible state of the world at the moment, but wanted to show you this one while it is still, well, blooming.

The slide! It definitely looks a lot higher and scarier when you’re at the top, as the screaming children I saw on it could probably attest to.



  1. Love this and love the Tower, too, despite the cost and crowds. Hope you’re feeling better and everything works out with your job. Not sure what to do about current affairs, but flowers and giant slides can’t hurt!

  2. That looks very pretty. Sorry to hear about the job problems, hope they get resolved. There’s a new slide near us, where they have upgraded the canal banks. John has been down it, but I sat at the top and chickened out (then made a very undignified retreat as the only way to do it was to shuffle backwards on my bottom). I recently watched a woman follow her child down – and shoot right off the end. So I was right to be wary!

  3. Love the blooms and the slide. I would definitely go for that, or a roller coaster if it was on offer. Heck, I still like swings and self-propelled merry-go-rounds. Skipping the see-saws, though.🙂

  4. First off, I’m so sorry to hear about the stress around your contract at work, and your being hard hit by allergies. Ugh, sounds just miserable. Really hoping it has all melted away and that you’re in a better spot now. Secondly, that denim pantsuit is stellar and you look fantastic in it! Thirdly (that feels weird to write and I’m now sorry I’ve itemized it like this) I’m entranced by the idea of that slide but need to know how well-cushioned the landing pad is.

    1. Thanks! Yes, doing better now – contract has been renewed for another six months, so I don’t have to job hunt until at least the new year, which is a relief. Just haven’t blogged in ages due to being really busy with computer stuff at work which limits the amount of computer stuff I can do in my free time thanks to my old friend Mr. Migraine.
      Thank you! I love that jumpsuit too.
      I don’t actually remember there being a landing pad as such because there was quite a long level part at the bottom so you just naturally came to a stop before falling off the edge. I think there may have been some mats underneath though, just in case. They did give you a sack to sit on, so at least you didn’t have to worry about thigh burn if you wore a skirt or shorts!

    1. Aw, thanks Anabel! Yes, everything is fine, just haven’t really felt the inclination to blog over the summer. My contract ended up getting renewed at work after all, so I’ve been super busy with writing content as we’re being added to the Bloomberg Connects app in September, and whilst it’s work I enjoy, spending so much time staring at a screen triggers my migraines, so I haven’t wanted to make things worse by doing blog stuff in my free time. But I just had a lovely couple of weeks off during which my brother came for a visit, and I think I’ll be too busy in September at work with Open House and training new student assistants to be stuck in front of a computer all day, so hoping to get back into the swing of blogging then! Need to catch up with what you and all my other blogging buddies have been up to! Hope you’ve been well.

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