Bakewell, Derbyshire: Christmas at Chatsworth House

Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve posted about Christmas at Kew the past couple of years, which we did visit this year as well, but I thought it might be nice to change it up a bit and make this year’s Christmas post about Chatsworth, located just outside Bakewell (birthplace of delicious Bakewell Tart, though I have to say that Buxton Pudding is also not without its charms, having now tried both), which we visited on our anniversary back in late November (we spent a few days in the Peak District – it wasn’t a special trip just for Chatsworth!). I’d never been to Chatsworth House before, so I can’t say what it’s normally like, but I was surprised how little of it seemed to be open to the public during the Christmas event, given what a massive house it is. Chatsworth is the home of the Devonshire family, so maybe they still live in the rest? This year’s theme was Nordic Christmas, though it didn’t feel particularly Nordic, just generically Christmassy (unlike Stan Hywet, which really sticks to a theme and goes ALL OUT with decorations). The garden (designed by good ol’ Capability Brown) also had lights, though they weren’t anything like as elaborate as the ones at Kew. I’m probably making this sound like I didn’t enjoy it very much, but I did like it, and some of the rooms were beautiful, I’m just not sure it was worth £29.50. Anyway, here are some photos so you can judge for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed this brief photographic tour of Chatsworth. Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year!


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